Facebook Advertising Tip to Get Extra Page Likes

Facebook 廣告提示以獲得額外的 Likes
woorkup 發佈於 27th May, 2017

If you are already running Facebook ads or boosting posts, then this is a quick little trick on how to get extra page likes for free and is generally more cost effective than running a followers/page like campaigns. It’s super simple and only requires a lot of clicking. Think of it as a bonus to your already targeted FB ad campaigns.

Facebook Advertising Tip – Extra Page Likes
Now, I have to give full credit to Matthew Barby, head of growth and SEO over at Hubspot, on this one. I do Facebook advertising all the time, but for some reason, this little trick never occurred to me. I never subscribe to email newsletters, but his is one out of probably 5 that I actually read. He shared this trick in an email. I encourage you to go over to his blog right now and subscribe.

Typically when it comes to Facebook advertising to get likes you run a “Page Likes” campaign. But this can be quite expensive if you want higher quality likes. And how much is a like really worth anymore? I can show you how to get $0.01 likes to your Facebook page from cheap countries, but this does nothing for you from an ROI perspective.

facebook advertising extra page likes


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