Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers (Updated for 2017)

WordPress 主機最佳管理託管商 (2017 年更新)
woorkup 發佈於 12th May, 2017

If you build your sites on WordPress, managed WordPress hosting is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will your site perform better, you’ll also get access to tools and features that just flat out save you time. Better performance with less wasted time is a win-win for you and your WordPress site.

While pretty much any host can run WordPress nowadays, managed WordPress hosting tacks on WordPress-specific features like:

  • mproved performance (your hosting environment is tuned specifically for WordPress)
  • Automatic updates (keeps your site safer while saving you time)
  • Automatic backups (protects your data while saving you even more time)
  • Expert WordPress support (support agents aren’t just generalists – they all know WordPress)
  • Improved security (firewalls, scanning, intrusion detection, free SSL, and more)
  • WordPress specific tools (e.g. pre-installed WP-CLI)
  • One-click WordPress installs (launch new sites in seconds)

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

Because this is the list of the best managed WordPress hosts, not every managed WordPress host, I’m going to keep it short. Just two hosts. The best of the best. No matter what your budget and performance needs are, one of these two hosts should work for you. I work in the web performance industry and have used hundreds of hosts over the past 12 years. I fully stand behind these two.


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