How to Setup Google Analytics Adjusted Bounce Rate

如何設置 Google Analytics (分析) 跳出率的調整
woorkup 發佈於 22th August, 2016

Every good marketer and blogger should be keeping an eye on their bounce rate in Google Analytics. If for some reason people are immediately leaving your site you should know why. However, the default bounce rate can be a little deceiving, and so here is a better solution that I am using, and it is called adjusted bounce rate. Follow my tutorial below to see why and how I changed my sites to use adjusted bounce rate.

Bounce Rate

Google defines bounce rate as the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page). I’m sure you have all see this in Google Analytics before.

Bounce Rate

What does that mean exactly? Say someone hits a blog post on your site from Google. If they read your blog post and then click back to Google that is considered a bounce. Now is that really a bad thing? Maybe not. They could have read your entire blog post, got what they wanted and simply left.

As you can see the bounce rate on one of my sites above is 87.83%. Which at first glance, you would think it is horrible. But it doesn’t truly reflect in my opinion what you really want to know. And that is where adjusted bounce rate comes in.


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